FAQ: Max Total Security for Android

What are the prime features of Max Total Security ?

Anti Virus:

There are three types of scan options:

  1. Quick scan:
    Scans only installed applications on the Device.
  2. Full scan:
    Scans Mobile Device memory and external Memory card.
  3. Scan Memory card:
    Scans only memory card in Mobile Device.
  4. Settings Scan:
    Scans Android application settings for security purpose and check permissions.

Anti Theft:
If your Mobile Device is stolen, this feature can helps you track, send you SIM Change Alert on another phone, Lock the lost device, Wipe data remotely and Sound an alarm on the lost device . All these features can also be enabled remotely from our web Portal http://devicetracker.maxsecureantivirus.com , in case there is no SIM card on lost device as is the case for most Tablet devices or forgot to set Anti Theft ON from the program. Login to the portal is the same that you gave at the time of this App Registration.

  1. SIM Change alert
    In case your phone is lost and someone removes you original SIM card or tries to replace it with another SIM card, then you will get notification on the another phone number given by you.
  2. Remote Locate
    You will get location url in your SMS showing you device current location if you reported the device as stolen.
  3. Sound an Alarm
    If Mobile Device is reported as lost, remotely you can make it sound a loud Alarm so that everyone around the phone will come to know that this Device is stolen.
  4. Remote Device Locking
    Locks the phone and renders it useless when it is reported Lost or Stolen.
  5. Remote Delete
    In case you have some confidential data on your Device, you can choose to wipe all of the data from the device memory Card including all installed applications, pictures, videos, messages. This helps you maintain privacy.

You can control your phone in 2 ways:
  • Via Web Send command by visiting http://devicetracker.maxsecureantivirus.com or  via PC by logging into this web portal using your email id and password used during registration on mobile device.
  • Via SMS
    Send these commands using any other Phone to send to your lost Mobile Device
  • Remote Locking command
    Lockms*Antitheft’s password*
  • Remote Locate Command
    Locatems* Antitheft’s password*
  • Remote Delete command
    Deletems* Antitheft’s password*
  • Alarm Command
    Alarms* Antitheft’s password*

For example If your antitheft password is 123456 then your lock command is:- lockms*123456*

Tip:- * must be included in command text.

Block call and SMS:
Blocks calls and SMS from all Non-contact numbers or some specific Contact or black list number.

How to use:
If you wish to enable Call block on your mobile device, perform the following steps:

  • Tap Menu on the application Dashboard
  • Tap Call / SMS block option to configure Call and SMS blocking.
  • Configure black list to block Call / SMS. Then the Call / SMS from that specific numbers which you have added in the list get blocked.
  • Configure white list to allow Call / SMS only from those contacts which you have added in the white list.
  • To activate this functionality make sure that “Activate Call / SMS block” checkbox is checked.
  • Check checkbox for block black list / Activate white list as per your requirement.

Network Stat:
  • The network monitor application summarizes total used internet traffic. It Shows how much internet is used, how much is remaining as comapred to limit set by you.
  • To activate this functionality, click on Network Stat tab, set the limit for network traffic. Schedule the limit for particular Day/Week/Month. Then whenever network traffic exceeds the limit it gives notification. You can set the time interval to check the network traffic; you can set medium and high usage levels for network traffic by clicking on menu tab in Network stat option for alerts.

System Optimizer:
Single- key optimization can be used to close processes running in background to free up memory and solve problems such as slow reaction and crash. Application manager shows all apps that have been installed on your phone .you can click an app to view its details such as security level, function descriptions comments and rating from other users, and access rights of the app; you may also uninstall or comment/rate the app

Back up Contacts:
You can back up the contacts to Max Secure cloud server or SD Cards and restore them easily on other phones. To back up your contacts to Max Secure cloud or restore the contacts from Max Secure cloud to your phone, click on ‘Backup /Restore’ Contacts. Enter the password which you have used while configuring Anti-Theft as this is your App account password.

If you need to back up your contacts to SD card or restore the contacts from SD card to your phone .please click on menu button in the page of ‘Backup Contacts’ , and click back up to SD card’ or restore from SD card ‘to start to back up or restore.

Continuous Protection:
Continuously scans Mobile Device and prevents virus infection from spreading to different locations of the Mobile Device, either automatically or manually.

  • Blocks copying of a virus infected file to a different location, or renaming of a virus infected file in the existing location.
  • Scans all files including executable ones. This option is recommended post an actual or suspected virus attack as it prolongs the duration of scanning.
  • Prompts a memory scan as soon as it is inserted into the mobile.
  • The online protection is default enabled.
  • When device starts or a new App is installed or any new file is downloaded on the device.

If you have any problem related to product please contact us via web/call/email. To send email/call tap on Support button.

Google Play store: Can I download Max Total Security directly from my phone, or do I have to do it through my computer?
Go to Google play store to get the latest version of Max Total security, or navigate to http://maxmobilesecurity.com using web browser and download.
How do I Register?
Registering Max Total Security

If you buy this App from Goolge play then no registartion is required. As soon as you pay subscription starts for one year. For downloads fom maxmobilesecurity.com, follow this registration procedure. There are following way in which you can register.

  • Registration using Internet see the instruction screens below
How do I Activate Promo Code Offer?
Promo code activation Max Total Security

If you buy this App from Goolge play then no registartion is required. As soon as you pay subscription starts for one year. For downloads fom maxmobilesecurity.com, follow this promo code activation procedure. There are following way in which you can register.

  • Registration using Internet see the instruction screens below
Even though my virus database is updated, Max Total Security cannot detect some virus in my phone. What should I do?
More and more mobile virus or variants are created by cyber criminals for financial purpose everyday which may go unnoticed by any anti virus for first few days. In case you find any virus on your mobile phone, please send the sample to us at info@maxpcsecure.com, our technicians will help you out.
Why does the system keep saying "failure in update"  even though my virus definitions are out of date?
Make sure internet is available and you can browse.
Can I update the virus database through WIFI or WLAN?
Yes, the virus definition can be updated via WIFI, WLAN.
How long should I update my virus database?
Generally, we update the virus definitions twice a week.
Lately I find the scanning speed is too slow and always stops in the midway. Why is this happening?
This might be caused by insufficient memory of your mobile phone. To ensure that your phone memory has enough space, please remove some applications that are not frequently used and then execute scan again. If it still doesn't work, please write to us.
What do I do if the virus definitions do not update on my mobile phone after I download the software?
Please click on Live update button. Virus definition get automatically downloaded as well. You can also do App update from menu tab.
Recently, my mobile phone's performance has been sluggish overall. When I run Max Total Security it doesn't detect a problem. What could be causing this?
Several reasons could be affecting the performance of your mobile phone. Make sure both Max Total Security and its virus definitions are up to date since new viruses or new varieties may have infected your system. Try updating the application or virus definitions and perform a virus scan again after the update. Also, be aware that slower operation could be the result of excessive running of programs and shortage of processor memory. So fo rthis please use System optimizer tool and battery optimizer tool>Tap on Optimize now and you should see great performance after that.
My mobile phone's antivirus has never encountered even one virus even though I perform regular scans. Do I really need an antivirus program for my mobile phone?
Although mobile phone viruses are not as rampant as computer viruses, their threat is increasing on a large scale. Every day, Max Secure threat community receives help calls from numerous users whose mobile phones have been attacked by viruses and have lost all of their data. With Max Total Security, you have the assurance that your valuable data, photos, and media are safe. Also, new Apps as they are downloaded are also checked for viruses including their updates.
Can I install Max Total Security to my phone's external memory card?
We strongly recommend that Max Total Security be installed on the phone's internal memory.
Can I download Max Total Security directly from my phone, or do I have to do it through my computer
Yes. Navigate to http://mobilesecurity.com or Google Play and download Max Total Security for Free. The installation will launch automatically.
How to configur Anti-Theft 
I can't recover Anti-Theft  password by phone number.

Steps To recover antitheft password

Step 1: Open Anti-Theft & Click on Forgot Password

Step 2: You can recover Antitheft Password in 2 ways.

(1) By SMS Anti-theft Password recovery
If user selects 1st option i.e. “Send SMS to reporting number” then reporting number should be same that has been used when Antitheft was configured.

(2) By Hint Anti-theft Password recovery
If user wants to view the password hint then he/she can select 2nd option "View Password Hint"

Call Blocking feature is not working on my device.

Block Call/SMS feature filters unwanted calls and SMS. Block Call/SMS feature works only for incoming calls and SMS. It doesn’t block outgoing calls and SMS.

Step 1:
User has to check the checkbox "Activate Call/SMS Block"

Step 2:
When user checks the checkbox "Block All" all incoming calls and SMS will be blocked.

Step 3:
When user checks the checkbox "Block Black List" all incoming calls and SMS will be blocked. Which are added in black list contact

Step 4:
When user checks the checkbox “Activate White List” only those incoming calls and SMS will be activated Which are added in white list contact

Menu options of Max Secure Mobile Security

Menu is an important section of the Max Secure Mobile Security dashboard. It deals with configuring the general setting, reports, share, App Update, Help and More.

In setting option give detail for malicious website block setting and real time protection status.

App Update:
Max Secure Mobile Security update to protect your Mobile Device from latest threats. If you want to update Max Secure Mobile security please perform following steps:

  1. On the application Dashboard, Tap on the device Menu button.
  2. Tap on App update option to apply latest updates from internet. If updates are available it will show Update Successful message. In case there is no latest update. It will show Up To Date message.

Click Menu button in the home page and select Log to open the page of detail logs. It shows detail log of real time protection, Threats and operations. It also shows the log for blocked call/sms.

If you find our application useful then you can share it with your friends. To share the application click on share button present on main UI. You can recommend it by Gmail / Facebook / Bluetooth / Email or Messaging.

If you have any queries related with the product then see the help file by clicking on Help button present on Main UI.

Here you find the additional information related to product like voucher log, License Agreement. If you are using trial version then you can buy our product using buy now link present in about option.