Complete Security & Privacy Suite for the Mobile Ecosytem

max total security
1. Protects your smart phone and tablets from all kinds of viruses, adware.
2. Safe browser blocks all malicious websites.
3. Anti-Theft helps you find your phone in case of loss
4. Network statistics helps you monitor mobile bandwidth usage.
5. Call Block lets you block unwanted calls.
6. System Optimizer frees up unused space.
7. Contact Restore / Back up gives you peace of mind that you can find your contacts whenever you need them.
8. Battery Saver reduces frequent charging of device.
9. Notification Manager blocks notifications you do nto want to make phone more efficient. Also, shows list of all block notification so that you don't miss anything.
10. 24x7 Technical customer support
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max parental control
1. Block child access to adult content and Apps
2. Set device screen time limits
3. See your child location on a map
4. See battery level of your child's device
5. Monitor your Kids’s Android calls & messages and receive logs
6. Personalize a list of sites & Apps you block / allow
7. Block suspicious search results in browsers
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max Mobile Device Manager
1. Display devices details, OS details, Network details and storage information on console
2. Display call logs on console.
3. Display data usage of both mobile and WiFi.
4. Display list of application installed on device.
5. Allow to block applications from list.
6. Display updated and current geo location on map
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Max Gamer Antivirus
1. Upgrade your gaming experience
2.Speed up your device with gaming mode 3. Clean the device of viruses & other Malware.
4. Get memory boost when your favorite game needs it.
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Maxmemory booster
1. The Quick Boost
2. Optimize memory
3. App Manager shows a list of all installed applications with task-killer and application un-installer.
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Data Saver
1. Track your calls: Incoming, Local and STD and know your top contacts
2. Check your data consumption on 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi
3. Find out which apps consume most of your data
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Data Saver
1. Detects all types of Malware
2. Very fast scanner with cloud scanning
3. Can be integrated with any other software as sdk
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Partner Assist
1. Dealers can register and create login for team portal.
2. Dealers can activate Customers offline
3. Dealers can activate Customers offline
4.Dealers can search for offline activated customers.
5.Dealers can search for their renewal customers.
6.Dealers can search for their customers by date.
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